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RV Full Solar System

The goal of the Full Solar System Package is to run your RV electrical system completely on solar, which includes your air conditioner, refrigerator, outlets, TV, computer, phone charger, microwave, coffee pot, crock pot, etc.     

This system does have it's limits.  Since the Victron Multiplus-ii is a 3000w inverter, you cannot run all of the heavy electrical loads (air conditioner, microwave, etc.) at the same time.  What you can expect from this system is to be able to run one air conditioner, refrigerator, outlets, TV, etc. simultaneously for several hours and charge the lithium batteries for night-time usage.  

This full system is designed to work on both 30amp or 50amp RVs. 

RV Solar Panels Roof .jpg
RV Full Solar System v3.png

- (8) 330w Solar Panels (2640w total)
- Victron Multiplus-ii 24/3000/50-70 2x120
- Victron MPPT 250/100 Charge Controller
- Victron Lynx Power-In
- Victron Cerbo GX
- Victron SmartShunt 500A

- Victron Touch 70 Screen

- MicroAir Easy Start
- (2) EG4-LL 24/200ah Lithium Batteries

  • Note: Battery Bank equivalent to 800ah at 12v

$18,900 (equipment, materials, installation, not including tax)


RV Solar Before.png


RV Solar After.png

- (2) Additional Solar Panels   $600
- Additional EG4 Lithium Battery   $2,000
- MicroAir Easy Start for 2nd Air Conditioner   $500
- Generator Auto Start   $500

- (2) Battery Heating Pads   $500
- 2nd Victron Multiplus-ii 24/3000   $3,500

- Victron Orion DC-DC Charger 24/12/30  $750

RV Solar Panel System

The RV Solar Panel System is a system designed to charge
your current 12v RV house batteries.  

1980w Only Solar.png

- (6) 330w Solar Panels (1980w total)
- Victron MPPT 150/100 (Bluetooth) Charge Controller

$5,000 (equipment, materials, installation, not including tax)

- LiTime 12v/100ah Lithium Battery   $700
- Victron SmartShunt (Bluetooth)   $350


Safety is our number one priority when installing a solar system. 
If done wrong, a solar system could catch fire inside your RV.
Below are the safeguards we install to keep your RV safe.

Ferrules vs. No Ferrules


- Ferrules
- Breakers
- MEGA Fuses
- Smoke Detector
- MC4 In-Line Fuses
- Automatic Fire Extinguisher 

90 Day Workmanship Warranty
Victron Energy 5-Year Limited Warranty

(817) 601-5348



6408 CR 803

Burleson, TX 76028

(817) 601-5348

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